Two new López de Haro wines

By Vintae | Monday, November 17th, 2014

As you already know, our roots are in La Rioja, and we were born, have grown and have learnt everything that we know in this land (and we have much more to learn!). A large part of this acquired knowledge is present in the Hacienda López de Haro collection, which we make in San Vicente de la Sonsierra, at Bodega Classica, and up until recently, it only included three red wines: a Young wine with a few months of barrel ageing, a Crianza and a Reserva.
But, our intention has always been to delve into the depths of La Rioja’s tradition with a touch of innovation, which is how we like it at Vintae. It is from this concept that the wines we are presenting you today are born: Hacienda L√≥pez de Haro Gran Reserva and Hacienda L√≥pez de Haro 30 months Limited Edition.


Both wines are a 2008 vintage and they have been aged in barrel and bottle for a long period. However, both wines are very different. The Gran Reserva is a more classical wine (although always bearing the touch of modernity present in the Hacienda López de Haro collection) and the Special Edition is a more modern wine with a limited production.
The Hacienda López de Haro collection has already become a classic contemporary collection of wines, and we believe that it would not have been complete without the Gran Reserva: an elegant and complex wine, a Tempranillo and Graciano coupage from grapes harvested in old vineyards, aged for over 30 months in French and American barrels and subsequently bottle aged for over 3 years.

And, the López de Haro family is finally complete with the 30 months Limited Edition, a more modern wine with a production of just over 12,000 bottles. This wine is a coupage of Tempranillo from the area of the Sonsierra and Garnacha from the village of Cárdenas made following traditional methods in open barrels and aged in new French oak barrels.

Now all that is left is trying them! And, of course, telling us what you think about them.
You can download the technical notes here.

Dreaming of Wine Fandango

By Ricardo Arambarri | Wednesday, October 29th, 2014

It has been four years since a question had been ringing in my ears. It was at Alimentaria 2010, with Vintae causing a stir; we had put up a stand that looked like a wine bar. We wanted to leave behind the old vinyl, bright, gaudy lights and slogans, and we wanted to create a space of visual peace, good vibes and friendliness. We simply put up a big blackboard as a backdrop, decorated it with chalk and included an L-shaped bar counter, and we had the entire Vintae team serving wine left and right. If you add our partners, customers and friends to all that, it turned out to be the best bar in the trade fair!


At that time, our customers, after enjoying the show, asked us, ‚ÄúWhy doesn’t Vintae open a wine bar/restaurant?‚ÄĚ
It sounded crazy, OK, fun too, but too crazy for Vintae, which at that moment in time, in 2010, it was fighting to move forward and become known. In spite of all that, this question remained embedded in our heads, and it would never leave us. A few weeks later, a friend and customer of ours, Elju, said that he wanted to use our idea. He had 3 restaurants in Nagoya, Japan; he wanted to open a fourth; and he was looking for a theme. He liked our wines, our aesthetics, and our casual style; so, why not create a Vintae Wine Bar? Obviously, our response was a resounding YES, and we were more than happy to have a Vintae Wine Bar in the world, but our own customers were anticipating us!


At that moment, that question found its answer and our brains started to work on making the dream a reality: creating a Wine Bar with our essence.

We quickly found fellow travellers for this adventure, our friends Albert, Gerard and Oriol, and they became part of the project: destination Barcelona. Trips to Barcelona, to La Rioja, searching for property, working with designers, etc.

However, reality hit our excitement hard, and that project did not fructify.

During a dinner, at our favourite restaurant in Logro√Īo, Marin√©e, we encountered a new possible path. Our friends Aitor Esnal and Beatriz Mart√≠nez, after having built Marin√©e from scrap, were also hunting for new projects. I must say, we couldn’t have found better fellow travellers, because we agreed on each of the values that we wanted to instil in the restaurant. The idea was a market cuisine where the product in itself would be the star: original wines presented in a more human and fun way, a unique establishment in Logro√Īo… And, we put our hands to work.

The location was easy; the ground floor of our offices in the centre of Logro√Īo would be the ideal place. The old cafeteria Grand Hotel, which had been frequented by bullfighters, football players and celebrities of the time, had no activity for years and they were asking us to wrack our brains and create something new.

So, Wine Fandango Logro√Īo was on its way!
In June 2013, my brother and I travelled to New York for five days and we had a look at around 20 to 25 establishments per day. We came back full of inspiration. This floor tile, that bar counter, this menu, that lamp, and we brought an endless number of ideas under our belt to work with Aitor and Bea. Then came in Lazaro Rosa-Violan, who is an enthusiast of Vintae wines; and we love his work. After having created places that we loved, such as Big Fish or Boca Grande, we wanted him to become involved 100% with the aim of making our dream a reality. It involved months of work and trips, designing the establishment, meetings with banks and institutions, business plans with changes and more changes, etc. The dream was slowly taking shape. It was a fabulous mix of passionate people, with a constant tug-of-war between L√°zaro and his ideal design, Aitor and Bea providing their experience in the bar and restaurant business, the Vintae team contributing with their essence, the architects and engineers of Aransa (the company responsible for executing the works of Wine Fandango) imposing the complicated reality of regulations and what such complex works represent, etc., but when so many people with a same dream conspire together towards making it a reality, the result is guaranteed.


After a year and a half of work and 5 months of construction work: the bathroom taking ages (whenever you visit it, you’ll understand why), choosing colour RAL 9001 or RAL 19XX, this piece of furniture not that one, this lamp not that one, etc., the end result is finally emerging. These days, we are applying the final touches to what will be our much-desired WINE FANDANGO for many years to come.

Sometimes dreams come true, but they require many people conspiring at the same time, and this is what happened in Wine Fandango. We have not walked this path on our own: Arturo, Moises, Jorge, Jose Miguel, Sergio, Santi, Rafa, Daniella, Raquel, Fernando, Tito, Llorenç, and a long list of other names, of people that have made this a reality, I and on behalf of Aitor, Bea and Josemi take the opportunity to thank you.

The best is yet to come: everything that happens between the four walls of Wine Fandango (and, of course, its terrace) and the moment in which you discover it.
Wine Fandango is incredible!
We are expecting you!

Vara de Rey, 5



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Vintae just a click away

By Vintae | Monday, September 8th, 2014

Hi everyone!
The new season has arrived and we are starting the month just how we like it: with novelties. In this case, we won’t talk about our wines, which we will do in the future, don’t worry ;-), but about a tool that we have been working on for some time now: an application, or App, for all types of tablets and smartphones.
You can already download this new App from Apple’s App Store or Google Play, and by doing so, you will have the most complete information about Vintae, our wineries and our wines on your mobile or tablet. app1b
With this tool, we aim to get closer to you by means of a simple click on a mobile; the main reason behind it is that many times you ask about this or that project, the characteristics of the vineyard, a winemaking process, a type of soil, climate, etc. In this application, you can basically find all the information you need to know; we fondly call it the Vintae “encyclopaedia”.

In addition, we have been able to count on many friends and team members to comment on each of the wines from a more personal point of view, as well as including technical information on each one.

It is structured in two large sections: “Wineries and collections” and “Wines”, although it also includes news that will be regularly updated. In addition, there is a section called “What is Vintae”, which is a statement of intention for those who still do not know us, and another section called the “Team”, where you will find our contact information.
The App will be updated with news and new projects. You will find out that there is new content if when you open the App, the initial screen shows a deep-red band with a circular arrow. By clicking it, all the content will be updated.
We believe that the best thing to do is to see it for yourself instead of telling you about it, so run to the App Store or Google Play and explore!


The harvest begins at Maetierra

By Raquel Viejo Orna | Tuesday, August 26th, 2014

Today we started harvesting the Muscat à Petits Grains variety. The grapes that will eventually become Libalis, Dry Libalis and Libalis Rosé 2014 have already entered the winery!
As you already know, the white varieties in Finca Maetierra are harvested mechanically and during the night, so even though the grapes are picked in August they arrive cold at the winery.

The harvesting’s starting date has returned to normality in this year 2014 -last year it was delayed approximately 2 weeks due to the weather, as we already mentioned in this post. In this campaign, the maturing cycle sped up as a result of the high temperatures registered in spring, but thanks to the cool temperatures in the months of July and August, the process balanced itself out and the harvesting period has taken place during the usual week.
Carmelo, Maetierra’s oenologist, tells us that the quality is good and as far as quantity is concerned, the same amounts have been harvested as last year. During these days, the staff in the winery and in the field is living the harvesting period intensely. Harvesting starts at around for o’clock in the morning and ends at about ten o’clock in the morning, which is when the temperatures rise.
The first grape variety harvested in Finca Maetierra is the Muscat √† Petits Grains. This will be followed by the international varieties, such as Riesling, Viognier, Chardonnay or Gew√ľrztraminer, with which we will make the Spanish White Guerrilla collection.
We will keep you updated on the progress.
Thank you for reading us!

New website:

By Raquel Viejo Orna | Monday, July 14th, 2014

We have new website! Today we wanted to present you a new website that is already available for you to learn a bit more about our Rioja flagship, Bodega Classica.

webclassicaENG (2)















In the same way as Maetierra‚Äôs and Matsu¬īs websites, in Bodega Classica‚Äôs the audiovisual content is very important. For each of the wines, we have prepared a video in which Ricardo Arambarri, our manager, explains the project and Octavio Madurga, the winemaker, tastes the wine. You may also access all these videos directly by means of the back label on Hacienda L√≥pez de Haro bottles, that is, capturing the QR code with your mobile or tablet.

webclassicaENG (3)















webclassicaENG (1)
















We hope that you enjoy Bodega Classica website; give it a look and tell us about it!