A sparkling wine made for the faithful and the profane

Pandemonium manages to create a new, more incisive kind of sparkling wine, with a distinctive blend of freshness and wisdom. Its pronounced acidity provides it with delicate, smooth, yet vibrant, energetic bubbles. An elegant and well-balanced sparkling wine from the Alto Najerilla region, created to place Rioja on the international map of sparkling wines. This is Pandemonium, a gateway to the unknown and a new reality for Spanish sparkling wines.

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    Blanco De Blancas 2015

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    Blanco De Tintas 2015

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For centuries, this corner of La Rioja has been the abode of the deepest spirituality. In this mysterious place, where vice and virtue have always coexisted in harmony, and where good has never been as good as they say and evil as bad as they say, the first sparkling wine from La Rioja's Alto Najerilla region emerges from the depths.

A project that reestablishes a historically significant crop in the region and demonstrates to future generations the immense potential of this location for the production of sparkling wines.

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