The Crew

Get to know the team behind
the craziness called Vintae.

At Vintae, we are a crazy bunch that loves to have fun, enjoy life, and dream about creating wine. Following a decade of traveling to all corners of Spain, we have set up camp in 14 different regions, where the vineyard takes center stage and we try to transmit the story and landscape of each region through the wines that we make. All of the effort and love that we put into our work has a single objective: make the wonderful world of wine available to all that are open to and interested in exploring it.

Long live wine and good people!

All the those that form part of this team are very different individuals but are united behind one common denominator: a contagious passion that we try to share each day with more people from the most human and fun perspective possible. It comes pretty naturally to this group, so if you want to discover the faces behind all this, keep scrolling down.

  • Pedro Moyano Comercial Distribución Moderna

    Pedro Moyano


  • HLH 2

    Jesús Fernando Jorge

    Operario de bodega

  • Pablo

    Juan Pablo Soto

    Operario de bodega

  • Octavio

    Octavio Madurga


  • Dioni

    Dioni Madurga


  • Liuba

    Liuba Letorova


  • Raul Carreño Comercial Distribución Moderna

    Raúl Carreño


  • Rodri

    Rodrigo González


  • Ana Belen

    Ana Belén Gil

    KAM Exportación

  • Nacho

    Nacho Fdez.

    Redactor Creativo

  • Matt Pym Comercial UK

    Matt Pym

    Comercial Exportación

  • Ainhoa

    Ainhoa Mouriz

    Cicerone Enoturística

  • Richi 2

    Richi Arambarri

    Manager General

  • Asier Amillano

    Asier Amillano

    Operario de bodega

  • Joaquin

    Joaquín Gámez

    Técnico de Marketing

  • Andrea Eraso

    Andrea Eraso

    Operaria de bodega

  • Juan

    Juan Cerezo

    KAM Nacional

  • Jorge

    Jorge Andrés Pérez


  • Jesus Sanz Director Nacional Horeca y Distribución Moderna

    Jesús Sanz

    Director Comercial Nacional

  • Kat

    Kathryn Wellemeyer

    KAM Nacional Horeca

  • Javier

    Javier Huarte

    Planificación y Compras

  • Miki

    Miguel Ángel García


  • Miguel Pérez Comercial Horeca

    Miguel Pérez

    Jefe de Ventas

  • Iñaki

    Iñaki Olaberri


  • Julio González Comercial Horeca

    Julio González

    Delegado Comercial

  • Miguel

    Miguel Argomániz


  • Victor

    Víctor Clavijo

    IT Manager

  • Patri

    Patricia Arambarri


  • Erik Wolff Director de Exportación

    Erik Wolff

    Director de Exportación

  • Mirandes

    Miguel Ángel Martínez

    Operario de bodega

  • Hector

    Héctor Arrillaga

    Operario de bodega

  • HLH 1

    Jorge Moracia

    Operario de bodega

  • Arola

    Arola Esteban

    Embajadora de Marca

  • Patricia Torreño Comercial Horeca

    Patricia Torreño

    Embajadora de Marca

  • Mariano Blazquez Comercial Horeca

    Mariano Blazquez

    Delegado Comercial

  • Tito

    Tito Rodríguez

    Director de Arte

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