Le Naturel

Entrusting wine making to nature

The only ingredient in Le Naturel is organic grapes grown in the vineyards of Aroa Bodegas, our DO Navarra winery located in the Yerri Valley, a privileged region sheltered by the Urbasa and Andía mountains, in one of the highest in the denomination.

Le Naturel

  • Le naturel Lakar 2020

    Le Naturel Lakar

  • botella aroa lenaturel

    Le Naturel Tinto

  • 3. Le naturel petnat

    Pet Nat

  • 5. Le naturel aceite


  • botella aroa lenaturel blanco

    Le Naturel Blanco

Zero Zero

  • 7. Le naturel zero tinto

    Zero Zero Tinto

  • 6. Le naturel zero blanco

    Zero Zero Blanco

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Le Naturel is a 100% natural wine, without added sulphites, elaborated with the minimum intervention for the grape to become the only protagonist. The vineyards, certified organic, coexist with the native fauna of the region. They are fresh vineyards, thanks to the proximity to the Pyrenees and the Cantabrian Sea. Since they were planted, Le Naturel's vineyards have been treated without chemical products, only receiving traditional treatments such as copper and sulfur at very low concentration levels.

Two affable wines, light and easy to drink, an explosion of fruit capable of all the freshness of the place from which it comes. A genuine celebration that does not conceal any other aspect, grapes transported directly from the vineyard to the glass.

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Le Naturel Collection

In addition to Le Naturel Tinto and Blanco, the collection includes Lakar, a very limited edition wine from a small 0.8 hectare vineyard planted in 1920. Pet Nat, a totally natural ancestral sparkling wine that tastes and smells like vintage and does not contain sulphites or added sugars. And our artisan-made extra virgin olive oil. lenaturel.es

Zero Zero Collection

Le Naturel Zero Zero alcohol-free wines allow you to be 100% yourself. Because they have all the aroma, flavor and texture of a good wine, but not a drop of alcohol. They are ideal for athletes, moms or simply for those who want to lead a healthier life. lenaturelzerozero.com

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