Aroa Berandu 2015

A late harvest wine with a perfect acidity



Located on the northern border, covered by the mountain ranges of Urbasa and Andia. Organic farming on fresh calcareous clay soils. The vines are planted on cool calcareous clay soils, which have never been treated with synthetic chemicals.


Fermentation at low temperature to reach a density 1030 kg/m3. The high sugar levels cause the alcohol level that naturally stops the fermentation, leaving behind as much as 100 g/l residual sugar.

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Grenache Blanc

Alcohol content
12,5% Vol

12 months in oak barrels

Tasting notes


Straw yellow with gold edges.


Offers a variety of pleasant aromas and fragrances that change over time, maturating and combining in perfect harmony. Dry fruits, mild fragrances of vanilla, honey, orange peel and light touch of tobacco.


The first impression in the mouth is silky and perfectly balanced. The character is extremely strong, but not boastful, with an extraordinary elegance and harmony.

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