capa personalizaciónWe are a peculiar group

We are peculiar group of unique people, united by the same dream: VINTAE

Our enologists enjoy each wine they make.

capa personalizaciónOur enologists enjoy

Our viticulturists, spread throughout all of Spain, are true to their well-deserved lunch.

capa personalizaciónOur wine growers

Our administrative and finance departments work like crazy, but always find time to enjoy a good wine.

capa personalizaciónOur management and finance teams
capa personalizaciónvintae

After pruning a vineyard we use those same vines to pay tribute to ourselves.

capa personalizaciónAfter pruning a vineyard

This very diverse group comes together around a table with a good barbecue and even better wine.

capa personalizaciónThis very diverse group

Our sales and marketing team is so busy that was imposible to get them in the photo.